Smokie Flame Joins The Neighborhood

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It’s not very often that we get an award winning pornstar to visit Mr Richard’s Neighborhood but I guess even smut stars can piss off their brothers. And what better place for a brother to fuck his sister over than Bring Me Your Sister? It seams that the dwarf redhead Smokie Flame had backed into her brother’s wheels causing considerable damage to his wheels and her brother wanted the coin to get it fixed – and what better way to get a little coin than to pimp your sister out to an old man with a little coin?

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Petite Redhead Smokie Flame

And pimping your sister is a lot more fun if you get to film the little harlot taking a fat schlong deep in shaved little cunt. Of course, filming your sister fucking is only fun if you get to share the shoot with your friends and Smokie’s brother was sure to tell all his friends to checkout the shoot of his mischievous sister on the sister smut site Bring Me Your Sister.

Smokie Flame Earns Her Keep

Smokie Flame Earns Her Keep

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